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Korn - Evolution

first off this song is the shit

second, he's talking about how the human race hasn't achieved anything since they placed themselves at the top of the food chain a few thousand years ago. all society is really run by "the basic beast inside," the beast of social Darwinism, or more commonly known as survival of the fittest. even tho we've become more civilized about it, were all just programmed to eat, sleep, and fuck basically. check out Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs if you want a better explanation, how we will only focus on our physical needs to be met if they are not before any other psychological needs.

also this song isn NOT anti-evolution it's very pro as a matter of fact. and you can be Christian and believe in evolution... like me. I don't want to put words in his mouth but another feeling that I get from this song is that everybody has their problems and anxieties and inner turmoils that need to be solved but won't or can't be.…