A seemingly (keyword) anti-90s rant.

 I can't really enjoy or listen to Mellow Gold or "Loser" (as classic as it is) with the same expected teenage disaffected angst anymore these days than Beck himself can sing it with any sort of fun anymore anyway, because the single wasn't supposed to be pirated as it was and accidentally and inadvertently portray an entire generation in the 90s (by the "corporate rock whores" of radio, thanks), as slackers, which further perpetuated the stereotype that we all dropped out of school to do meth or join bands, even if that is what many did (and whose to say were the worse for it?). Because it brought us Beck for one, who has come so far since then, from the hyped, stereotyped 90s of now, and then (since we all still want to remember them like they were yesterday and soooo great when the truth is, they kind of sucked, which is the secret to why they are timeless and the stuff of legend) which basically means someday, the world might actually, gradually forget if they can, to realize as though it was reoccurring all over again with the same passion, making grunge and punk rock stars akin to the Greek gods of myth, and let's hope it's well deserved to the future generations. These days, it wasn't all that long ago in the span of time, and really, it continues to this day in an ever evolving, here's to 20 more years, post-watershed 90s kind of way, with always the promise of so much more to come, which we should enjoy. Here and now, you know? Give it a couple centuries when we're all long gone, and then they'll really talk. As for us, maybe we will all be enjoying the "atmosphere" in Punk Rock Heaven, the "cosmic coffee shop" or Nirvana, or wherever you feel at most peace with the memory of the "almighty 90s", which seem better now in retrospect than they really were at the time, or compared to today. But we are (secretly) the lucky ones!! At least that's how it seems to me. 


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