Universal truth is infinite and reaches magnificent pillars followed by epiphanies which can occur in the blink of ones eye only after quite some time and searching on your journey through life. That being said, absolute truth can be seemingly and ultimately unattainable in it's totality for humanity as a whole, and is undoubtedly interwoven with lies and misinformation which can easily distract, combat and deceive seekers of peace, knowledge, justice and truth, and of course, this mendacity should be either exposed or refuted to be cast aside and ignored whenever encountered and possible.
The wise admit to acknowledging what's right and wrong but never claim to have all the answers, just through hypothesis, knowledge/study, observations, theories, facts, philosophies, art, music, science and a deep, honest desire to disseminate truth and understanding, beauty, and even to grasp the depravity; the overall awareness behind our existence as it is perceived. sensed, felt, seen and experienced individually by every one, to the rest of humanity, as a whole so as to share the reality you have perceived and open minds to your personal mode of thinking. This exchange of wisdom and awareness is essential to our existence.
Ideally, by the time you take your last breath you will have attained self fulfillment and a satisfied mind, resulting in a peaceful death. But after that, it's anyone's guess.  Let there be ecstasy intermingled with mystery.
"The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives." -- Albert Einstein


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