Bless the Boy

Heavenly father full of grace, bless my boyfriends happy face.  Bless his hair that sometimes curls, keep him away from other girls. Bless his hands that are so strong, Lord keep them where they belong.  Bless his eyes that tend to roam, keep them from seeing what isn't shown.  Bless the boy I hope to kiss, bless the boy I always miss.  Bless the boy i hope to marry, bless the children I hope to carry.  If he reads this prayer of mine, bless the thoughts that enter his mind.

I found this photocopied and folded in an envelope full of my mothers stuff, in my Grandmothers' handwriting.
Reading this, I get a real sense of innocence permeated by and underlying possessiveness that comes from being madly in love.  💘  theres the sense of yearning and longing.  You can tell times have changed since this poem was wrote but the sentiment is the same.


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