Thoughts on Man and Nature

Single is the race, single/of man and gods;/From a single mother we both drew breath.--Pindor

To think is the greatest virtue and wisdom consists of speaking what is true and acting in obedience to nature.  --Herachitus

For a man health is the first and best possession,/Second best to be born with shapely beauty,/ And the third is wealth honestly won,/ Fourth are the days of youth spent in delight with friends.
'-Attic Drinking Song

That i am mortal I know 
 And do confess
My span of the day:
      But when I gaze upon
The thousandfold circling 
Gyre of the stars
No longer do I walk the earth
             But rise.
The peer of God himself to take
      My fill
And the ambrosial banquet of
The undying.



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