ALICE- Cocteau Twins / Wonderland montage

This is such a gorgeous song.  I love how it captures the wonder & the dark, yet beautiful and divine complexity of imagination and stirs the emotions.  I'm not sure if this song was written with "Alice In Wonderland" in mind per se, but it sure has become a representation of how we now perceive the character of Alice from Lewis Carroll's beloved story books.    I don't even really know what she is singing in the lyrics (suppose I should look them up?  lol) except for the name "Alice", but I choose to feel the song more than anything.  It literally gives me chills and brings me to a state of elation (one of the many benefits of being bipolar, haha).

OK, I looked up the lyrics and they are rather nonsensical.  But really, it's not the lyrics which make this song so powerful, but like I said, the feelings you will undergo just hearing it.  There are several videos made for this song (the most famous being from "The Lovely Bones"), but this one I favor the most.  This video is what captures the essence of it the best, in my opinion.


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