Numerology and my Name

Got this report on my name off 

The name Sheri Lea Pond is dominated by the numbers 9, 8 and 1.

Dominant Impression Number: 9

Sheri Lea Pond reflects idealism, the good of mankind. Sheri Lea Pond is the humanitarian with the power to make things happen and the integrity to stay the course. A mover and a shaker, without a selfish bone in its body; the name Sheri Lea Pond attracts respect, support, and devoted fans. It seems even that the Universe tends to support what the name Sheri Lea Pond represents. Speaks to people of all walks of life. Tolerant and broad-minded.

This name pursues goals other than money and power. It seeks justice. It wants to feed the hungry and heal the sick. And yet, the resources it needs to do the job seem to always magically appear.

Most positive characteristics: Integrity, love for all, charisma. Encourages the best in people.

Most negative characteristics: Naive, seeks fame, vulnerable to criticism, not a good judge of character.

Vowel Vibration Number: 8

The vowels in the name Sheri Lea Pond represent financial strength, power, authority, and enormous ambition. The influence of the vowels as found in this name has made some rich, others poor. There is no middle road. The saying "Be careful what you ask for" is applicable here. Think of the name Sheri Lea Pond as stepping on a train traveling up a mountain of money and power. But there are too many passengers and some will be pushed off to end up at the bottom of the ravine. Did I scare you with this description? Then you don't belong on this train.

The Vowel Vibration in Sheri Lea Pond also represents the visionary. It has courage, determination, perseverance, great stamina, and a strong competitive streak.

Best chance for success exists when there is a balance between ambition and compassion, the material and the spiritual.

Base Vibration Number: 1

The Base Vibration in Sheri Lea Pond increases a sense of dynamic energy but in the form of a controlled and carefully guided force. There is a feeling of purpose and efficiency. There is courage and effort in the face of difficulties. There is a certain dignity, a correctness that radiates from Sheri Lea Pond. The base vibrations also reflect a pioneering spirit, creativity, and originality.

The Base Vibration in Sheri Lea Pond can be experienced as aggressive and unreceptive by some and will therefore not be attractive to particularly sensitive people.

Vibrational Compatibility
The Dominant Vibration and the Vowel Vibration in Sheri Lea Pond oppose and conflict. 1 Star. 


The Dominant Vibration and the Base Vibration oppose and conflict. 1 Star. 


The Vowel and Base Vibrations are compatible and complement each other. 4 Stars.


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