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Your Sun Sign:

Capricorn Element: Earth
Key Planet: Saturn
The sure-footed Mountain Goat can climb to higher altitudes than any other mammal. And you sure-footed Capricorns are also well-suited for climbing. You set high goals for yourself and then you overcome whatever obstacles may appear between you and the top of your personal mountain. As you climb the ladder of success, your ambition pushes you forward. Status can be important to you and often, at the top of your game, you gain personal satisfaction by knowing that others respect you for what you have accomplished.
Motto: "If opportunity doesn't knock, then build a door."
Greatest Strength: Your ability to overcome obstacles
Possible Weakness: Too much work and not enough play
What's a Moon Sign?

Your Moon Sign:

Taurus Solid and steady, you tend to prefer a regular routine of ease and security to a life of surprises and sudden change. Traditional astrology calls the Moon "exalted" in Taurus because of the strength of your grounded emotions. Being calm and consistent tends to make others feel safe with you. There is a stubborn side to Taurus, though, which makes changing habits challenging. Once you've gotten into a comfortable groove, you're likely to stay in it for as long as you can. This makes you reliable and unlikely to create drama in your daily life. But this can also keep you from reacting to shifting needs until the situation becomes critical. Avoiding change for as long as possible can put you in a position where there's no room left for compromise when you're finally ready to act.
Motto: "Comfort comes first.
Greatest Strength: Ability to enjoy the simple things
Possible Weakness: Stubbornly holding onto old habits
What's a Rising Sign?

Your Rising Sign:

Pisces Pisces Rising allows you to change your appearance and your approach in every situation your meet... like a chameleon. Pisces is an adaptable water sign that prefers to go with the flow rather than wasting time and energy fighting it. You come across as gentle and adaptable and are super sensitive to your environment. You prefer to work around difficult issues rather than take them on directly. This is great for avoiding conflict, but it can lead to confusion if you let things go too far without expressing your true feelings. Since you can be somewhat emotional, it's better to speak up before you're worn out by frustration.
Motto: "Let me get out of your way."
Greatest Strength: Showing empathy for others
Possible Weakness: Blending in so well that you're not noticed
What's a Chinese Astrology Sign?

Your Chinese Sign:


The Dragons Motto is I Reign.

The awesome demeanor of Dragons leaves no doubt as to how vibrant, magnanimous, charismatic, principled, self-sufficient, discriminating, compelling, sentimental, accomplished, noble-hearted, healthy, and very shrewd this creature can be.

But one glimpse of the Dragons scaly underbelly gives us a less enchanting image of our mythical hero. In their worst moments Dragons are bombastic, dissatisfied, ruthless, demanding, opinionated, mawkish, egocentric, defensive, power-mad, foolhardy, willful and pompous.

The Dragon is a Yang sign.


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