Musical Scavenger Hunt

I did these Musical Scavenger Hunts for swaps I was hosting in my mix CD swapping group and over @ Swap-Bot, and thought they made kinda good surveys, too, so here goes the latest one:
A track that is about sending or receiving mail, letters, postcards etc.
Living in Your Letters by Dashboard Confessional

A track with feminist lyrics.
Sugar by Bikini Kill

A track by an artist who wears glasses.
Say It Ain't So by Weezer

A track with the name of a piece of furniture in the title.
Sofa Or A Chair by Vague-Leys

A track by an artist who has had a musical career of over 20 years.
No Way by Sonic Youth (30 years and still goin’ strong!)

A track by an artist that you have met.
It's Over Now by Neve

A track which is about alcohol.
Alcohol by Nirvana

A track that starts with the letter 'Z'

Zero Chance by Soundgarden

A track that is 10 minutes long or more.
That's All I Ask medley with Kangaroo; Urban Art Bar 12.1.94 by Jeff Buckley

A track that you have never ever listened to before (try looking on an album that you haven't listened to for years)... So, what d'ya think??
American Coffin by Thurston Moore (Truthfully, the only reason I haven’t heard this song is because I JUST got the CD, but I loooOOOOoooove it, of course!! :c) heh )

Open your iTunes/Media Player/iPod/mp3 player, and select 'shuffle': The first track that it chooses (and be honest).
Lightnin'(part2) by Sonic Youth w. Mats Gustafson (HONEST :c) hee)

A track which opens with a drum beat before any other instruments kick in.

Stay Away by Nirvana

A Joy Division song that ISN'T 'Love Will Tear Us Apart'
Atrocity Exhibition by Joy Division

A track by a friend's band, or a local band.

Miss Mary Mack by Thee Phantom Quest (this is by my good friends, Wivern & Seraph! They’re from Florida).

A track that you loved when you were 15 years old.

A Small Victory by Faith No More

A track that features the name of a day of the week in the lyrics.

Friday's Child by Queen Adreena

A track with the name of a city in the title.
Francis Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle by NIRVANA

A track by a 'one-hit-wonder' band that ISN'T their 'one hit'
Reptile by The Church (this is, like, their “Second Hit” heh)

A track with lyrics that are either in part or entirely in Japanese.

Black Cherry by Acid Black Cherry

A track that is entirely instrumental (ie. no vocals!)

If I Was Your Vampire by Marilyn Manson

A track that you would put on a mixtape for a crush.

Interstate Love Song by Stone Temple Pilots

A track that is simply entitled 'Untitled'.
Untitled by Steve Fisk

A track which is about a mode of transport.

(I Live For) Cars & Girls by The Dictators

A track that is about some kind of addiction.

Chemical Addiction by Alice In Chains

A track by a solo artist who was previously famous as a member in a band.

mission 2000 by Chris Cornell

A track that is about food.
The Food Pyramid Song by Marilyn Manson

A track with the name of a country in the title.
American Music by Violent Femmes (OK, so it’s American and not America, but close enough! Lolol)

A track that starts with the words 'Your' or 'You're'

You're No Rock 'n Roll Fun by Sleater-Kinney

A track which is about the ocean.

Oceans by Pearl Jam

A track from a live album.

House of the Rising Sun by Cat Power


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